ICSA Annual Conference: Life after spiritual abuse, reflecting on my own experience.

Francisco Prochaska; Sunday, June 26, 2022; 1:00 PM-1:50 PM – online

The present talk reflects on my experience of 30 year being a follower of former Roman Catholic priest Fernando Karadima. I will share a brief journey of my personal experience about being captured and reborn after 30 years of abuse. The presentation combines my actual life experience with the most recent definition of spiritual abuse and the key characteristics of it. I will confront life experience with academic concepts that bring light to both experience and concepts.

Francisco Prochaska

Francisco Prochaska
Businessman and executive with broad experience in leadership positions in national and foreign companies. IT Manager at CIC S.A.; founding partner and manager of Trilogic S.A.; operations manager of Dell Computer de Chile Ltda. Since 2012 partner of Risk & Crisis Management Latin America S.A. Survivor of former Roman Catholic priest Fernando Karadima, internationally known case of spiritual abuser in Chile.

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