ICSA Annual Conference: Visioning the Invisible: The Traumatized Bodies of Racialized Cult Members and Survivors.

Evvie Ormon; Sunday, June 26, 2022; 12:00 PM-12:50 PM

In the cult survivor and cult expert space there is a noticeable lack of visibility of racialized bodies. So little mention about racialization of bodies within cults, how racialized experience impacts the risk of cult recruitment, and the racialized identities of survivors of color who exit cults into a world that is often nearly as hostile and authoritarian towards their ethnically identifies bodies as the coercive groups they left behind. This talk is an opening, a crack to let light into considerations of racialized survivor experience with hopes to expand this conversation, and invitations to research the lives, challenges, healing journeys, and to visibilize the living bodies of cult survivors of color. Brought by a 2nd Generation cult survivor of color, this talk is at once an invitation to depth, reflection, and looking forward into what is possible.

Evvie Ormon

Evvie Ormon
Founder Emergent Phoenix
Evvie Ormon is a practitioner of Somatic Abolition (under the teacher Resmaa Menakem), a somatic coach, healthcare education consultant, trauma doula, and facilitator and whose life practice focuses on the healing of racialized trauma in the bodies of multi-generation religious trauma survivors. Evvie practices under the umbrella of Emergent Phoenix, an organization Evvie started to tend to healing trauma in the bodies of people of color. Evvie is a second generation survivor of a Bible-Based fundamentalist cult, and is the only one in their family of six to leave, ten years ago. Evvie’s career has spanned inpatient mental health, social services, higher education and now includes a varied practice of somatic coaching, healthcare education and facilitation. Evvie lives a nomadic life since leaving the cult born and raised in, and is not physically based in any one place for long.

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