In-depth assessment, evaluating your situation:
  • What is an intervention?
  • What is mediation?
  • Explore Intervention/Mediation approaches and options.
  • Ethical issues.
  • When an Intervention/Mediation might be appropriate and an overview how to prepare.
  • Reasonable expectations of the Intervention/Mediation.
  • Discussion of post-cult recovery issues.
  • Review basics of situation and family’s concerns, including impressions from each family member.
  • Review questionnaire and updates on situation, including particular vulnerabilities, changes in personal behavior (positive, neutral, negative), changes in lifestyle, changes in personal goals, changes in financial commitment.
  • Information gathering on leader and group:
    • What do we know?
    • What do we need to find out?
    • What does the group believe?
    • What are the practices?
    • How does the group gain loyalty and submission?
    • What is the ‘experience’?
  • Why people join and leave high-control, abusive groups?
  • Time Requirement: One-day

To get started:

  1. completed Background Information for Case Evaluation,
  2. Call to schedule Free Initial Evaluation (215-467-4939).

Overview of “Our Process“.